Emotional load of calls - Test

Dear Participant!

In this study you will hear short human and dog calls. Your task is to mark for every sound sample what you think the caller of the sound feels. For this, you will simply have to click on the screen at one point of the response area:

  1. the horizontal axis represents the emotional (valence) state of the caller from maximum negativity to maximum positivity.
  2. the vertical axis represents the emotional intensity (arousal) of the caller from calm not intense to highly intense

At the beginning, there will be three examples to make everything clear.

You will hear every sound once. Don't think too long; decide as fast as you can!

The survey takes approximately 30 minutes, with two optional pauses after every 10 minutes.

Please, give the following details of yourself!

  1. Male Female
    • I never had a dog
    • We had a dog in the family, but I wasn't the owner
    • We have a dog in the family, but I am not the owner
    • I had a dog but at the moment I don't have one
    • I have a dog

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